Sheriff’s Winter Message:

Sheriff Wickersham

As of this writing it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and we are already experiencing a deep freeze here in Macomb County. It seems that our winter has descended upon us so quickly. With the cold temperatures, our thoughts turn away from fall and we look forward to the holiday festivities. 
As your Sheriff, I wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone about some common safety practices. With our hectic lifestyles, we sometimes forget about the most important things: being safe and enjoying the joyous holiday seasons with family and friends.
Drive Safely      
We all have to re-learn the safe practices about driving on icy roadways and leaving some distance between us and the car in front. Give yourselves some extra time to get from one destination to the next.
If you must take a phone call, or message someone while you are driving, take the extra couple minutes and pull safely off the roadway to use your phone. We want everyone to arrive at their destinations safely. Just a few seconds of distracted driving can have life-changing consequences.
Watch For Deer    
As the temperatures drop, deer become more active. The Sheriff Office takes many more car-deer collision reports in the cold months. Be cautious and remember: if a deer comes into your path, don’t veer out of your lane.
Designate a Driver    
If you choose to drink at holiday get-togethers and office parties, remember to designate a driver. There is precious cargo travelling our roadways as families embark on shopping excursions and holiday gatherings. Don’t risk a drunk-driving crash or arrest. The County Jail is no place to spend a holiday.

Don’t Become a Crime Victim
Keep an eye on your belongings. If you are shopping and you are stowing packages in your car, try to keep them out of view. Larceny is often a crime of “opportunity”. Keep your cars locked whenever you walk away. Thieves are more likely to enter your car if it is unlocked, or if they are certain that there are valuable items inside.
Be aware of your surroundings. If you are choosing a parking space, whenever possible, park in a lighted spot.

Don’t Leave a Running Vehicle Unattended
Each winter, our local police departments take reports of stolen vehicles after their owners leave their cars running and unlocked.
Check On Your Neighbors    
Lastly, please take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to check on our neighbors, family and friends. Just a few precious moments of your time can brighten someone’s holiday and let them know that you care.
On behalf of all of the hardworking men and women of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sheriff Anthony M. Wickersham

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