Sheriff’s Spring Message:

Sheriff Wickersham

The Boating Season Has Begun!
Having survived the snowiest winter on record, our thoughts are finally turning to spring. Despite what the thermometer says, it MUST be spring, because our Marine Division already has two boats in the water. They are ready to patrol and, if necessary, respond to any emergencies on the Lake.
We are excited about the delivery of three new boats for use in lake patrols this boating season. Acquired through a FEMA grant, the new acquisitions will put the Sheriff’s Marine Division fleet at nine patrol boats and two jet-skis. 
The heavy snowfalls over the winter are supposed to translate into a substantial increase in lake water-levels and hopefully an active boating season. 
Jail Visiting System Pays Dividends
It has been over six months since we introduced a video visitation system in our Jail. This new technology electronically connects the residents of the County Jail with their visitors who are seated in front of a webcam in the Annex of the Jail. Since its inception, over 9,000 electronic visits have already occurred. 
This new method of visitation virtually eliminates inmate movement within the facility thus increasing security throughout. It reduces personnel costs which in turn produces a cost-savings for the taxpayers in Macomb County. 
In the future, and for a small fee, visitors will be able to visit from their home computer directly at a prearranged time. Any revenue created will be used to defer the expense of hardware and personnel costs.
Consolidation of Dispatch Services Makes Sense
Policing is an expensive proposition. While some communities across our county continue to grapple with failed public safety millages, we are all trying to find creative solutions to the challenges of providing low-cost professional police services.
One of the ways cities and townships can reduce expenses and free up much needed public-safety money is through the contracting of emergency dispatching services. 
Our new Dispatch Center (COMTEC) is located on Groesbeck just south of Cass Ave, in neighboring Clinton Township. The multi-level, 25,000 square-foot building has 24 dispatch consoles, enough to take emergency calls and dispatch for every one of the 31 police agencies in Macomb County, simultaneously.
The Macomb Sheriff’s Office has the infrastructure, the equipment, and most importantly, a highly-trained staff that can provide full-service dispatching on a county-wide basis. With the support of County Executive Mark Hackel, we are at the forefront of advanced police (and fire) emergency dispatching and technology. 
Whether it be dispatching or complete law enforcement services, the Sheriff’s Office has the resources and we are in a ready position to provide law-enforcement or dispatching services, particularly to the small northern communities who presently lack a dedicated, full-time police force.
If it will make our community safer, and improve the quality of life for the residents of our County, we are up to the task.
We are hiring!
The Sheriff’s Office has an ongoing recruiting process. We are always looking for qualified persons who are interested in a challenging career in either Corrections or in Dispatch. 
Applications can be obtained through the Macomb County Clerk’s Office. 
Lastly, with prom season approaching, we want to remind parents of their responsibility to monitor the activity of our young adults at this important juncture in their life. Unfortunately, over the winter months we have seen some tragedy unfold involving drinking & driving. If you are a parent and are hosting a prom-related event, be an active host and set good examples. Let’s do our best to ensure our kids have a safe prom and graduation experience.    
Enjoy the spring!

Anthony Wickersham
County Sheriff


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